Bats will be requested for testing when:

1) Starting Jan 1 2013 all bats used for USSSA tournament play must have the new USSSA bat logo (see above). No engraved/scribed logos will be allowed.

2) In the umpire’s opinion, any player that is hit by an un-defendable batted ball.

3) An opposing manager notifies an Umpire he wants to pay the $25 Protest Fee to have a bat tested. (Procedures for the bat protest are detailed below).

4) Any USSSA Director or Umpire can ask to test a bat for any reason at any time.

What happens next?

1) The owner/user of a bat that hits a player/umpire will be asked to relinquish the bat for testing. If the owner/user refuses, he will receive an automatic suspension for a mandatory period of 2 years from all USSSA play with no right to appeal. 

2) If the owner/user agrees for bat to be tested, it will be sent into the office for the compression test.

3) If the bat passes, it will be returned to the player immediately. (NOTE: If the bat was protested by the opposing team and it passes, it will be returned immediately and team forfeits the protest fee)

4) If the bat fails SLIGHTLY, and there is no suspected foul play, it will be held until the owner/user participating in the tournament comes to see the Tournament Director or State Director.

5) If a player is injured with an un-defendable batted ball and the bat fails SIGNIFICANTLY, the owner/user will be out of the game, and is subject to suspension. Length will be determined by State Director. 

6) Any Player that touches a bat that injures a player may be subject to removal from the game. (Only Umpire can touch the bat)

7) If the bat that injures a player makes its way to the bat owner’s dug-out, team may be subject to forfeiture of the game.

Bat compression test:

Anyone can have their bat tested at any time Monday-Friday 12:00pm to 9:00pm and all day Saturday and Sunday to see if it is in compliance with USSSA compression standards. It is the player’s responsibility to make sure their bat does conform to the USSSA test, there is no risk of suspension, if the bat does fail test the player will be warned never to use it in any USSSA play again.